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Hydration. Immunity. Vitality.

Introducing our Telo-Immune Intelligent Nutrition box, where healing begins. Nourish your body and mind with our physician-approved immunity support package, designed to elevate your body's defense system and ensure that you are one step closer to your optimal immunity and hydration.  


Dr. Dana Cohen, MD.

Since 1998, Dr. Dana has been a trusted health advocate and advisor for thousands of patients across the United States and beyond.  From hormonal imbalances and autoimmune conditions to cardiovascular disease and gut health, she is renowned for her commitment to finding the root of dysfunction in the body and providing holistic protocols that effectively restore balance and wellbeing.


Gina Bria, CEO of The Hydration Foundation

As a Founder of The Hydration Foundation, Real World Scholar, anthropologist and hydration expert, Gina Bria works with world renowned physicians and water scientists to spread the new science of hydration. Her use of plants and minerals transforms liquid water, increasing the energy and voltage for enhanced immunity support. She presents this life-changing research to raise rejuvenation and longevity in hospitals, elder care facilities, schools, hospitals, spas, sports training and performance events, and health and wellness gatherings.


George Orbelian, Principal in Orbelian Holdings

George is a systems thinker interested in identifying and sharing comprehensive biomimetic solutions that will allow humanity to regenerate the eco systems that sustain all life on our planet. He brings decades of disaster preparedness experience to integrating solutions that improve the resilience of individuals and communities. 

About Our Formulators

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