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There are so many choices on the market for nitric oxide
supplements. We believe in our approach to stimulating the
production of N-O without the use of Arginine, Beet Root or Spinach.
It has long been known that the Arginine pathway is not efficient or
effective for people over 40. It has also become well known that
Beets and Spinach are HIGH in oxalates. We chose the highest N-O
containing food as well as the lowest oxalate contributor........ ARUGULA.
We also utilized L-5-MTHF (methyltetrahydrofolate) for those who
genetically have trouble converting dietary nitrate.
For those with concerns regarding oxalates and kidney health or for those that
have not done well on other N-O supplements (perhaps due to the need for MTHF) consider Tulips.
We recommend you use the test strips to monitor your improved nitric oxide levels.

Tu-Lips Nitric Oxide (3 Month Supply, 50 FREE test strips included)

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